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Torque Control Specialist

   Beijing lixin dehua technology co., LTD is a high-tech enterprises that committed to the coal industry torque limiter and brake research 's development, production and service.Based on the advanced enterprise management concept, the company implements the technology innovation and technology development strategy of "key technologies and key products have independent intellectual property rights", and constantly improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

   In terms of personnel allocation, the company has engineering technology research center. The technical center has 7 full-time product design and process research technicians, 2 professor-level senior engineers, 2 foreign experts, 5 engineers, 4 postgraduate students, 1 long-term external expert and 2 on-site service personnel.

   The technical center is composed of two teams, namely, research and development team and test team. Currently, it has the international leading level of professional test platform for friction limiter and brake: multi-power section impact torque test platform and brake force test platform.At the same time, the technology center is equipped with advanced research and design software, configuration of CAD, INVENTOR and other auxiliary software, CAPP auxiliary process design software, so that the product calculation, analysis, research has all realized the digital and network.Successively developed seven new products, including three items for the domestic first innovative products, have two replace imported technology, has now won 2 invention patents, utility model patents 5 items, and completed a number of torque protection device customized products in the field of technology development.

   Companies strive to break through the application of the advanced core technology, in terms of non-core parts production and processing, we allowed according to the industry standard for selection and regular inspection. The current outsourcing and cooperation units include Henan Polytechnic University, China University of Mining and Technology, CITIC Heavy Machinery Group, China North Industries Group and other well-known enterprises.